About Mole Removal

Moles are just small, harmless, benign eruptions on skin. They often appear in your childhood or teens and can range in color from your natural skin tone to pink, brown or black. People with darker hair or skin tend to have darker moles than people with fairer hair or skin. Moles can be flat or raised from the surface of your skin.

Typically, suspicious moles will have changed colour, shape, symmetry, and size. If you have noticed this, please see a Dermatologist.

Laser mole removal is also one of the most common techniques for mole removal. Especially if the mole does not require a biopsy or is in an area that can help prevent a linear scar that may occur if it is surgically removed.


  • Treatment Time 30 Minutes
  • Discomfort Level None to Mild
  • Anesthesia  Injectable
  • Recovery Time 1-2 weeks
Questions & Answers

Do you have a question about Mole Removal? To get started, ask your family physician for a requisition form to book an appointment with Dr. Neel Malhotra and we look forward to seeing you at our clinic.

Are Moles cancerous?

You are at higher risk for melanoma if you have atypical moles or one of your family members has had melanoma.

Is Mole removal painful?

Most of the patients are very comfortable during the removal procedure. Numbing is done before the procedure which makes the procedure pain-free.

Is having more Moles dangerous?

Having more than 50 moles indicates an increased risk of melanoma but it’s not always the case. If you are worried, speak with our reception team!

Are moles abnormal?

Most people have harmless moles and it’s normal to have up to 40 common moles. If you have few moles that are increasing in size or changing shape, then you should be consulting with our dermatologist.