Non-Surgical Transgender Facial Feminisation is achieved by using a combination of injectable dermal fillers and PLLA threads placed strategically in the face.

We understand the difference between the male and female face and use our tools to both accentuate and minimise relevant areas giving it a softer look without surgery.

A youthful female face is in the shape of an upside-down triangle and cheekbones can aid in this.  Lip fillers can help give a smaller gap between the lip and the nose whilst giving you a far more feminine pout.

Hormonal therapy can bring about a considerable change in the physical transformation. However, there is an increase in requests for specific body contouring procedures because of increased awareness in the society.

We have been working with transgender and gender-neutral patients for over a decade and understand the individual needs of each person’s journey.  You will have a private consultation where your needs will be discussed.

Face Sculpting

Facial feminisation is an important step for many Male to Female transgender or nonbinary transfeminine patients.

While surgical options do exist, they are often costly and involve significant downtime. This is why non-surgical facial feminisation for transgender patients is a popular choice. Additionally, surgery often has lengthy wait lists, so injectable medical aesthetics treatments can provide a speedier solution during this period.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Also known as a ‘liquid nose job’, a non-surgical nose job is all about nose bridge transformation without any cut or suture. It improves overall facial appearance and softens the bumps on nose without any scars. The procedure can be done within 30 mins and the results are instant. Dermal fillers and/or threads are the products used in nose transformation. There is minimal to no downtime involved with no side effects nor complications.

Jawline Enhancement

Jawline and chin fillers to create more feminine facial contours. A wide, square jaw is seen as being traditionally masculine, whereas a softer, pointier chin be more feminine. As such, treating the jawline and chin plays a large part in helping a masculine-looking face appear more feminine – although bear in mind that some of the world’s “most beautiful” women, like Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek have quite masculine jawlines by this definition! Botulinum toxin (Botox) can also be used to reduce the masseter bulk to narrow the jawline.

Anti-aging Lift

Prevent the signs of aging before they settle in your skin. You can delay fine lines and wrinkles, and saggy skin with anti-aging treatments like, Botox, Dermalfillers, Threads and Skin tightening. It’s never too late to start treating a fine line so that it does not become a wrinkle.

Cheek Transformation

Add volume to your cheeks to get a younger and fuller look. Fillers not only add volume to your face but also lifts your cheeks to improve the fine lines and smoothens the folds. Threads with fillers are a revolutionary treatment combination for youthful feminine cheeks.


Skin Resurfacing helps in improving the skin texture by making it even and smother. Smooth and even skin gives a feminine touch to your appearance. We believe “skin has no gender”. Our goal is to give everyone their desired skin texture.

Facial Shape

It’s always useful to first consider facial shape. For instance, the traditional “feminine” heart shaped, full face versus the more sharp, square shape and hollowed appearance associated with men; the female face often involves smooth curves rather than the angular features of the male.

Once you have considered the facial shape, you can plot your treatment plan for specific regions of the face. Here are a few examples:

Cheek filler to provide lift and balance in the mid-face

  • Mid-face treatments can add definition to the cheeks as well as help lift this area, creating more “feminine” contours. This is especially true when considered in combination with the jawline.
  • Cheek filler can be placed deep in the medial cheek to give the patient more rounded, forward projecting “apple” cheeks. This also supports the under-eye region as the first step to managing the tear trough area.
  • This can help give the patient’s face a rejuvenated, fresh look – something also typically seen as desirable in a woman’s appearance.

Lip fillers for a fuller, more feminine lip shape

  • Lip fillers can enhance the patient’s natural lip shape and, when placed carefully, can create a more feminine contour without looking overdone.
  • This type of lip augmentation involves creating volume in the middle medial intercanthal distance and reducing the distance between the nose base and upper lip. Subtle exaggeration of the cupid’s bow and philtrum columns will also feminise lip appearance.

Botulinum toxin treatments to smooth and lighten a heavy brow

  • Men who are not transgender tend to have a straight forehead and heavy brow. As such, treatments for smoothing and lifting a heavy brow can be beneficial to trans women. These include achieving an arched, higher brow with a more open eye aperture by manipulating the muscular action around the region using botox.

Forehead Filler

  • The female forehead is associated with a rounded more vertical appearance.
  • Forehead filler is a more advanced procedure that can be used to manage the light and shadow of a masculine forehead, for instance, balancing frontal bossing typical of the male forehead.

Temple filler to help provide a youthful, feminine appearance

  • Never underestimate the power of temple filler in creating a more youthful appearance!
  • This can also be used to restore – or create – volume in the temple area for a more feminine look.

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