About Skin Cancer Surgery

Surgeries for skin cancer are a very common treatment. The procedure is typically used in cases of pre-cancerous lesions or skin cancer that is isolated to a small area.

  • Surgery for smaller, less complicated skin cancers can often be performed using local numbing medication.
  • Larger or more complicated skin cancers may require a more comprehensive operation, followed by procedures to restore form and function to the affected area.

A Wide Local Excision (WLE) is most commonly performed. It involves removing the cancerous tissue and a margin of surrounding healthy tissue as well to prevent malignancy.


  • Treatment Time 1 to 2 hours
  • Discomfort Level Mild
  • Anesthesia Injectable
  • Recovery Time 10 – 15 days
Questions & Answers

Do you have a question about Skin Cancer Surgery? To get started, ask your family physician for a requisition form to book an appointment with Dr. Neel Malhotra and we look forward to seeing you at our clinic.

What are my other options if I don’t want to go for surgery?

Radiation therapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy are some of the other treatment options available. In most cases, surgical excision is required. Other treatment options are mainly to prevent the recurrence.

Can my Skin Cancer return after the surgery?

Recurrence is very much possible in all types of skin cancer. Prevention is the most important way to help ensure that the Skin Cancer does not return. Sunscreen and Physical protection with shades, hats, and clothing, are the best options for prevention.

Are there any complications involved in this type of Surgery?

Scarring, bruising, and infection are some of the possible complications but are uncommon. Usually, the wound heals fast without any complications.