Restore hair growth for natural, yet noticeable results

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or known as Strip Harvesting is one of the most common techniques used in Hair Transplant surgeries. FUT is a minimally invasive surgery where our Hair Transplant Surgeon’s harvest a strip of skin from the back of the scalp, in an area of good hair growth. Then individual hair follicles are extracted and prepared for being interested into the balding areas of the scalp. The working with high magnification microscopes, each follicle is trimmed and prepped by carefully remove excess fibrous and fatty tissue.

Our Hair Transplant Surgeon’s are trained to use the latest method of closure called ‘Trichophytic closure’ which results in much finer scars at the donor area.

The surgeon then uses very small micro blades or fine needles to puncture the sites for receiving the grafts, placing them in a predetermined density and pattern. The recovery period is around 2 weeks and will require the sutures or staples to be removed.


  • Shorter Operation Time
  • Possibility a larger number of hair follicles grafted
  • Natural looking results
Questions & Answers

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Why is a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) required?

It is not practically possible to extract huge number of follicles via FUE technique without damaging the density on the back of the head. So, to get more hair follicles, FUT is the best technique.

How long is the recovery?

The recovery for FUE and FUT is exactly same. It is easy to take care of a FUT wound. Usually, without any complications, recovery is done within 2 weeks of time and a follow up after 2 weeks with the HT team is recommended.

Is FUT more painful?

The pain during the procedure is negligible as we freeze the area with local anesthetic before going ahead with the surgery. Some minor post-op discomfort and inflammation is normal and will subside within the first 14 days post procedure.  

Is FUT more expensive?

FUT is typically more cost effective than FUE as it involves less of technology and more of expertise.

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